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Although research on the use of computers in education plods along slowly compared to the progression of the technology itself, there are already positive correlations between children’s education and computer use. If employed effectively and within a comprehensive educational program, computers can: help a student increase critical thinking skills, allow for customization and learning based on the individual students’ interests and pre-existing knowledge, aid in memorization through interactivity, enhances collaboration among students who are not in the same geographical location, and can simulate complex or real-life tasks. In short, programs that incorporate computer use and technology for learning are many times, more effective than instruction that does not.The use of computers for learning does not need to stop once school lets out. Creating a home “computer learning center” for your child will create an environment that encourages learning outside of the classroom. To create an educational home computer environment, you will need to do the following:
The physical computer workstation. Your child will need a comfortable computer desk. Because children are smaller than adults with a shorter reach, it’s important to find a desk that’s ergonomically designed to fit his/her body. We found several high-quality, affordable options at Versa Products, Inc. (an American manufacturer or classroom tables with adjustable heights and various desktop sizes that sells direct to the public). They will also need a comfortable chair.

Buy a computer. If this isn’t a computer that will be shared by the whole family (for example to be used for financial management, online shopping, etc.), don’t spend a lot of money. The computer needs to be reasonably fast with a high speed internet connection, but it doesn’t need extra hard drive storage space or other fancy features available for exorbitant prices.

Make the computer internet-safe. Your child will need internet access for research purposes and email. The internet allows children to explore new places and learn things they wouldn’t otherwise. But the internet can also be a dangerous place for a child with the prevalence of easily accessible adult websites, chat rooms, etc. Take time block inappropriate sites, create filters, and actively monitor the history of the sites visited after your child is done with his/her session on a daily basis.

Buy appropriate software. Scott Foresman and Scholastic are two of our favorite educational software companies that offer a wide range of subjects for student education.

Set rules. Although the computer is a tool to enhance education and exploration, too much of even a good thing can reduce its benefits. Children still need to be involved in group activities with other children and adults (in-person) as well as physical activities and non-computer play. The American Heart Association suggests limiting computer activities at home to no more than two hours per day. If those two hours are well spent doing internet research or playing educational games, that amount of time should be sufficient. Encourage your children’s learning by taking an interest in their progress on games and becoming involved in conversation about interesting topics they’ve discovered.

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Online university education is growing in popularity. More and more students are turning to higher education online to complete their secondary education and to earn their college degrees. There are several reasons that online university studies are gaining in popularity.One reason that online university education is gaining in popularity is the advancement in technology. Not only has technology advanced but it has become more user-friendly. Several decades ago a person had to have a business degree in order to be able to do anything that was computer related. Additionally, the majority of homes did not have computers. In fact, the thought of a public computer being in Internet cafes, public libraries and community centers was not even anything anyone would consider. With technology becoming so advanced and computers so common place, more people can now access the Internet to obtain an online university education.Availability of online university education programs has made it more popular as well. Initially, only some universities were offering a select number of courses from their traditional university on the Internet for students. This of course began to increase. Before you know it, many universities are now offering complete degrees on the Internet without students ever needing to step inside a physical classroom. With so many types of degree programs, majors and even courses to improve your current career without receiving a degree there is a rise in the number of students that are turning to online university education to meet their goals.Many companies realize the importance of their employees receiving further education and training to help them be successful within the business. As a result, companies are offering tuition assistance and even some are completely paying for employees to return to school to obtain higher education. Employees are still working full time while attending educational courses to help improve their lives and their careers. The structure and setting of online university education classes has grown in popularity for full time workers because they can combine a career and student life more easily than traditional colleges. Companies are willing to pay for the online courses as long as they are from an accredited learning institution. This enables full time workers more freedom in the selection of schools to attend to improve their knowledge and advance in their chosen careers. You can read more at http://www.highereducationandyoungpeople.comIn the past, many people were intimidated by the thought of using a computer. It was overwhelming to think about posting on message boards, sending emails, attaching files and even using a word processing program. Today, many of the regular middle schools and high schools are offering computer application training that is required for students to advance to the next grade. Adults are learning how to use basic computer functions in the work place. You don’t have to be an administrative assistance to learn how to use computers at work because so many work positions are training employees to use the computer. For example, many cashiers have computer registers instead of the previous traditional registers. Because so many people are not intimidated by computers, more people feel comfortable in the thought of participating in courses on the Internet. The logical result is that online university education is increasing in popularity.

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The growth of the Internet has directly affected the way individuals communicate, shop, and work. This increasing industry constantly needs professionals to update and maintain its functionality. Students can obtain the knowledge needed to enter the field by completing higher education programs through website design schools.Inside vocational colleges students can enter programs that fit their educational needs. Certificate and associate degree programs develop the fundamental skills needed to work as multimedia web designers, web graphics designers, and interface designers. This level of schooling typically only qualifies students for entry-level positions. Through training students enter careers understanding how to apply digital design principles to the development of websites. Programs utilize the latest in computer technologies to prepare students to create websites using a variety of graphics and multimedia components. The goal is to attract viewers based on the sites performance in aesthetics and usability. Training is essential when pursuing a professional career in website design.Introductory skills are obtained as students work through programs at the certificate level. Creating, designing, and managing websites makes up the main focal point of education at this level of training. Coursework includes numerous topics that are discussed in depth to prepare students for work. Course topics can include:
Color TheoryAs students learn about different integral parts associated with the field they will gain a working knowledge of today’s most used computer programs. Students learn to use programs such as Dreamweaver, Flash, and Adobe Photoshop. Students are able to take the principles learned and apply them to creating site navigation bars, search tools, and page animations. Training also covers how to make web sites usable for individuals with disabilities. Continued education can be pursued inside advanced certificate programs that focus on a particular area of the field or students can transition into associate’s degree training.The overall fundamentals are explored as students learn the practices of the industry. Specific courses in associate’s degree programs develop the natural talent that many students possess by giving them a diverse set of skills. Training prepares students for the competitive job market by requiring them to create portfolios that document their work. Web designs, programming sheets, and computer illustrations are some areas that students showcase inside their portfolios. Inside academic training students will study topics that may include:
Desktop Publishing
Hypertext Programming
Interface DesignsCourses train students in numerous areas that prepare them to use authoring software and write HTML codes. This process gives students the knowledge to publish content on servers and manipulate pages while online. Document linking, content management, and multimedia use are all areas utilized to create a website from start to finish. With an associate’s degree students have more opportunities to advance inside the industry.Although vocational schools don’t offer further education students can continue training through related programs such as computer science degree programs. The knowledge gained at the certificate and associate’s degree level can be applied to education at the bachelor’s and master’s degree level. Further education gives students advanced knowledge and more career options.The world of website design will continue to progress as technology becomes more complex and intricate. Students should begin accredited website design training and step into a constantly evolving industry. Full accreditation comes from agencies like the National Association of Schools of Art and Design ( and is awarded to schools and colleges that offer the quality education needed for success.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by